create youtrack issues and comment from phpstorm?

There are 4 guys on our team. We're thinking about using YouTrack to track private issues in our software development.

Trying to figure out if YouTrack is even the right piece of software.

We have YouTrack setup, but cant figure out how to:
* see the comments,
* see the project details,
* add a new issue,
* comment on existing issues

FROM PhpStorm.

Is this even possible?

Hoping that youtrack integrated with phpstorm will eliminate the need to open a web browser to add issues that we can all see but are private from the rest of the world.

So far the only place we can see youtrack in phpstorm is from the TASK dropdowm which is able to retreive the name of a task only to create a new change list. (is there more?)

From what I've been able to locate up to now, the IDE integrates better with JIRA issue tracker than with YouTrack.  can this be right?

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Nope, never intented to replace normal issue tracker UI - for any of supported trackers.
The integration is for task-context-switching and time tracking. And linking issue IDs in commit comments.

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I can see how youtrack is useful for allowing end users of some software to report back to the development team.

What about the case where its just the developemnt team wanting to work privately on the project and communicate with each other.  Is there something for this?

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This is a good idea. Why can't this be taken into account ?
I have the same for Teamcity.


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