Subversion configuration with remote host

I always used PhpStorm with local files. But now I have to work on remote files mounted with sshfs. This project already exists under subversion, but I couldn't find how to configure Phpstorm with it : I mean have my usual shortcuts to commit, update, etc.

If I start the project with remote host / mounted drive conf, the svn is only on remote host and Phpstorm doesn't detect anything. I tried to configure it anyway, with no success.
If I "enable Version Control" the whole local project becomes red, because only the remote files are under svn.
I don't understand the right way to make it work. Do I have to handle subversion the old style command line way on the mounted drive ?

Thanks ;)

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I'm still looking for a way to use subversion with a remote host.
Please, anyone ? :)


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