tab logic?

What is the tab viewing logic?

I cannot seem to make any sense of why or how my tabs keep moving around. It is very annoying.

Can someone please explain the ordering of tabs as I click them?

I'm constantly having to scan all my tabs for the one I was just on, since they are automatically re-ordered whenever I click one.

What is the logic?

Is there anyway to disable this re-ordering? So if my third tab is "foo.js" it will always remain the third tab (much like browser tabs).

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I agree. I figured there WASN'T any logic to it (drives me crazy.)

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Hi there,

1) Every new tab is opened next to current one. So if you have 3 tabs opened and 3rd one is "foo.js", and you opening new file while standing in 2nd tab .. the previously tab #3 will become tab #4 (and #3 in now occupied by newly opened file)


2) If you have tabs in multiple rows (instead of single row) they (rows) will be "jumping" indeed -- as far as I understand that's necessary to properly draw the current tab


If you have wide-screen monitor -- see if you can place your tabs on the side (left/right) -- this way they will not be jumping as in #2

Try using Ctrl+E (View | Recent Files) for navigation between files -- this way you will not depend on tab ordering at all (but I have to dmit that this may be quite difficult if not impossible to get working this way for some people -- it takes some time to get used to this as all of us used to rely on "visual locations" (this file in first tab, this one in 2nd; that one is in last tab -- this sort of thigs)

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I don't see what the big idea is. Every tabbed browsing I've ever used has never moved tabs around on me.

Just keep it simple. Add a tab at the end of the list when a file is opened. I think you guys are over thinking the problem here.

WebStorm is awesome, except for this usability problem.


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