WebStorm debugger don't wait on breakpoints

WebStorm version is 6.0.1 Build#WS-127.122
OS : osx 10.8.2
nodejs version : 0.10.7 (64bit)

Following is code

var async = require('async');

var isResolved = false;   // 1's breakpoint

    function (callback){
        console.log('First Function');
        console.log('before');           // 2's breakpoint
        isResolved = true;
        callback(null, 0);
    function (callback){
        console.log('Second Function');
        console.log('isResolved = ' + isResolved); // 3's breakpoint
        callback("haha", 0);
    function (callback){
        console.log('Third Function');
        callback(null, 0);
], function (error, result)
    console.log('Finish : ' + error);

I run above code with debug mode. then debugger wait on 1's breakpoint.

I run above code with debug mode after remove 1's breakpoint. then debugger don't wait.

What is problem? Let me know, please. Thank you for reading.

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may be the same issue as http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-7656
Please, can you check if this works for you in WebStorm7 EAP (http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/WI/WebStorm+7+EAP)?

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