SixCMS parsing/code reformatting

Hi there!

I am using SixCMS which takes the advantage of beeing able to use PHP code.

Unfortunately, PHP Storm interprets the SixCMS "Code" as invalid.

1) The syntax is very simple and I'd like to ask if there is any way to teach the parser not to interpret it as illegal code.

2) The most important thing would be, that the code formater should NOT realign with spaces inside the brackets, wich will cause the SixCMS parser to stop working, because a space without quotes is a value seperator.

A typical code looks like this:

%CMS_DATA(field=title sort=date order=desc)
%CMS_DATA(field=$titleString sort=$dateString order=$descString)
%CMS_DATA(field="title" sort="date" order="desc")
%CMS_VALUE::ID(id=12345 field=title)
%CMS_VALUE::ID(id="12345" field="title")

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately no. There is no such option/settings anywhere -- IDE must know the language/format/syntax in order to not to treat it as invalid code, which can only be done by writing your own plugin (which is not a simple and quick task).

If SixCMS is supported by TextMate (via their bundle), then you may have some better experience with such files -- see this article for details:

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Thank you for your fast answer.
Unfortunately I could not find anything like this.

Maybe it is something for the future to put "ignore" rules based on regular expressions.

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I'm not a dev to tell you what exactly is planned .. but as far as I'm aware from previous questions and similar tickets (support this technology/templating system/language etc) the answer always was "it neeeds to be done via plugin so that IDE knows about the syntax/tags/etc, otherwise it's just a syntax error in the main language". For example:

Feel free to create your own ticket here: Issue Tracker, but I really doubt it will be implemented any time soon unless this technology is/will be really popular and ticket collect a lot of votes (expected and very understandable/reasonable approach: better spend resources on what is really important than on rarely-used technology/feature/language/etc)


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