Cannot resolve Tag Library

I am using *IntelliJ 3 *for my JSP/Servlets and Struts__ application. I have my application directory structure as follows:

C:\webapps --> home directory for my application

In my JSP Page I have a tag:
<%@ taglib uri="struts-html.tld" prefix="html" %>
and the editor says "Cannot resolve Tag Library__" wonder why!

Later after reading many Forums here on similar topics I added *EXTERNAL RESOURCES *to my IDE Settings:
URI: struts-html.tld
Location: C:\struts\lib\struts-html.tld

But still I am getting the same errors wonder why... I have been trying all possiblilities since last 2-3 hours but in vain... Can any experts here help me out...?



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I my project I had an ant script that copied all the compiled code, jar-files and tld-files from the source code directory to a target directory. I setup the target directory in the project project properties dialog in the Web Application support.

The problem was that I was opening the jsp-files from the source code tree, which obviously was not the directory setup in web application support.

The solution was to point the web application support to the directory tree where I opened the jsp pages in IDEA from. If I open the jsp pages from the target directory tree I get the same message as you got, but if I open them from the directory tree setup in web application support in project properties everything works


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