"wiggling" windows

Is there any way to stop the sidebar frames from resizing when you open an another sidebar? For example, my Project sidebar is visible and at ~ 3 in across. The Editor fills the rest of the window. If I click on Ant Build, it opens to about ~ 1.5 in across and the Project sidebar shrinks by about ~ 0.5 in. When I "close" Ant Build, it pops back to 3 in.

I find myself constantly fidgeting with the sidebars to get them back into a better size. Obviously there is some kind of relative % scaling going on but I'd like my sidebars to stay in place, if possible.

I checked some of the options but to no avail. Unless someone knows a way, I'll search the tracker for a similar request and add a new one if needed.

v on OS X w/ JDK 1.4.1_01


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