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Hi there,

Quite likely it is marked as deprecated (most likely reason + typical style for deprecated function/property/etc).

If there are quite a few of them marked this way -- maybe it's your color scheme then (Settings | Editor | Colors and Fonts).

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Ok, that function had an @deprecated comment above it.

But when I removed that, the function is still crossed out. I even reopenend both files.

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That's JavaScript. I rarely work with JS and cannot comment how exactly it behaves or should behave (support for JS may have some differences in implementation compared to PHP or another).

1) Please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." -- possibly indexes are not updated.

2) If that will not help -- do a global search for that function name. It's possible (although unlikely) that it is defined twice (multiple copies of the same/similar file) and it still has @deprecated in another location.

3) Try moving this code to brand new empty project (the minimal code required) -- see if it will reproduce the issue.

In any case:

  • You can always disable this inspection: Settings | Inspections | JavaScript | General | Deprecated JavaScript symbol
  • You can change the style for deprecated elements (you may remove strikeout effect): Settings | Editor | Colors and Fonts | General | Deprecated symbol
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Invalidating the cache fixed the problem.



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