How to auto-indent when pressing Enter

I use phpStorm for my projects, but It has some issue.

When I typing code and press ENTER, but cursor is not indent.

I want to indent like this image:

Please help me !


Thanks for your reply, but it's not successful !

When I press ENTER, a new line appear with a cursor not indentation.

Help me !


I just tested this and it works fine in the respect that you are indicating. However, if I don't use a closing tag (?>) and run the Reformat Code command, ALL code is also indented like this:


That's weird. Again, however, the indentation that you are requesting works correctly on my test of that Code Style (just strange behavior for no closing tag.)

What are your PHP->Tabs and Indents settings?


I understand why it is not indentation !

If I delete the end php tag, indentation will not work.

So, I have to add the end tag php to auto-indentation when press Enter.


No, it should not work like that (and doesn't on mine.) Windows, Linux or Mac?


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