Performance significantly improves by disabling virus checking


if you have an on-the-fly virus checker installed on your
machine, I strongly suggest configuring it to exclude the
user folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\gulli\.IntelliJIdea

or wherever you keep your data cache. As a newcomer to
IntelliJ, I was pretty unsatisfied with its performance
until I noticed that, when it paused for an annoyingly
long time, it was actually my virus checker (McAfee) that
ate the most CPU! Presumably it was checking all files as
they were opened, and presumably IntelliJ opens a lot of
files when dealing with the cache. For me, disabling virus
checking for this folder (and admittedly several others
but they ought to be unrelated) improved IntelliJ's
overall perceived responsiveness from fairly-poor to

There may be other similar situations where services on
the system detract from application performance ... one
thing I can think of is remote debugging (over a socket)
being slowed down by personal-firewall software. That's
pure conjecture of course.

Anyway, hope this helps somebody like it helped me!

- Gulli

Gunnlaugur Thor Briem
Senior Software Engineer
Dimon Software

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Sæll Gulli,
Ertu að uppgötva Idea first núna :)
Hvað er annars að frétta?
Kv. Burkni


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