debugger single step doesn't follow code path

I keep hitting this problem in some sections of code, and the result is I can't use the debugger:

Many times I am breakpointing in a section of code that is called by a single thread, with no other breakpoints set anywhere in the app. Upon hitting the breakpoint, I F8 to single-step down each line of code. After a few lines, suddenly it jumps back up to the breakpoint again via the same thread ID, and the rest of the method is skipped. Since this method is always called from the same thread, it shouldn't matter if the "suspend all threads while stepping" button is on or off (I've tried it both ways with same results). Anyone know what the cause is? Other programmers at my compnay have seen the same behavior in completly single threaded apps.

I'm running a dual CPU Zeon, and have tried Sun JDK 1.4.2 and 1.4.1_02.


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