Representation of classes included in the UML diagram


I am currently testing the possibilities of using UML representation of a class.
In my class, I have included another class.

class test extends tools{

     protected $_aaa = null;

     public function __construct ($_aaa)
         $this->_aaa = $_aaa;

     public function bla(){
        $database = new database();

class tools{

     public function toolBlub(){


     public function toolbla(){


class database{

    public function connectDatabase(){



Why this class in the UML diagram is not displayed?

Your sincerly


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Hello, Stephan!

As far as I understand diagram from your attachment represents your code correctly.
Please, could you explain what class is not displayed in the UML diagram.

I guess, you added one more class to the file and it didn't appear in a diagram, didn't you?


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