broken download for phpstorm 6.0.2


the exe file I get is in sie 123.342.776 bytes
I tried downloading it twice
In both cases, when executed, it halts with a checksum-verification error

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Hi there,

The size is fine.

You can verify the checksum of your file:

CRC32: 2F803212
MD5:   D090E66200BEA1C782E92AC1A09DAE01
SHA-1: CC21F7874E15239F4A4573377EA49FBFC37CD4DC

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sha: 443df2ae2bea9d4c542280468c6a62e70dcd9b93
md5: b142e2e3700701356473ddfe55fa521a

seems like the installer has reason to complain ;-)

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Well .. I've just downloaded it again .. and got the same hashes.

My only suggestion: download using another browser .. or even another computer (a friend, neighbor, work/home).

JB uses mirrors for downloads (CDN or whatever) -- maybe you are unlucky one who downloaded it from broken one (I do remember something like that about 1 year ago with Mac version of IntelliJ -- but there were like 4 or 5 people confirming the case and you are only one so far).

Mine was downloaded from

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thanks, the dl link you posted worked


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