How to delete a project

This is seriously driving me insane. I'm unable to remove my test projects permanently from my hard drive.

  1. There's no IDE way of deleting a project, how can such an obvious piece of functionality be missing?
  2. When removing it through explorer, for some reason Webstorm "detects" the old files and restores everything?
  3. The projects are still stuck in my "recent projects". I read somewhere there should be an X button somewhere to remove them but I  can't find any.

I'm evaluating this piece of software and so far it's been great. I especially love the Chrome integration, so I'm really perplexed that something so obvious can be so difficult.

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Hi there,

1) To remove from Recent Projects list -- just select unwanted project on Welcome screen (when ALL projects are closed) and press DEL button (the "X" icon was in previous versions). Sometimes (under some circumstances) it may stay there in the list even after pressing delete key -- in this case just restart IDE.

2) To remove project from the disk -- use your file manager (e.g. Explorer on Windows or whatever you have there on your computer). IDE does not delete files in your project unless you choose "Delete" command in context menu of Project View panel (this way you can delete any visible to IDE files, but root folder as well as .idea subfolder (project settings) will remain.

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Like Andriy, I was tryting to do this via menus and help and I share his frustration. Thanks for explaining how to do this.


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