[ANN] XSLT-Debugger 1.0-beta

The XSLT-Debugger plugin provides a seamless integration for interactively debugging XSLT
stylesheets in IntelliJ IDEA. It provides many well-known debugger-features:

- Conditional Breakpoints
- Local Variable display
- Watches
- Expression Evaluation
- and a lot more...

Using the debugger should be straightforward: It is started with the regular "Debug"-Action in
IDEA's toolbar and setting breakpoints in XSLTs and settings their properties works just like in
Java files. The layout of the "XSLT Debugger" tab in the Run toolwindow looks similar to the
debugger-layout in IDEA 6.0.x which should be quite intuitive as well.

The plugin depends on the XPathView+XSLT-Support plugin that provides the support for starting the
debugged process and the XPath-Language that is used e.g. for validating the condition-expressions
of breakpoints.

Note: The debugger engine currently uses the SAXON 6.5.5 XSLT processor, which might cause the
debugged stylesheets to work different or even incorrectly when they're designed for a different
processor (Xalan), especially when extension functions are involved. Supporting Xalan should be
possible as well, so please tell me so I can see if there's enough demand for it.

If there are any other questions, comments or feature requests, please let me know.


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Oops, I forgot: The plugin requires IDEA 7.0.x and is available through IDEA's plugin manager or
directly from http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1818



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