login managament with jsp or servlets,j2ee


Although I am so new to jsp/servlet/j2ee ,i managed to make some sort of jsps&servlets.I am making an intranet application but i wonder how can i handle login management.
I should get username&password combination and then i will check it from database,NoW if user a valid user how can i control user to visit my all secure pages.And also i wonder if user has already signed in and if he wants to enter system again from another machine or from opening another browser window.
There a some documents i read but i couldn't find an login management example.I need a real login management example.
If anybody can send me an example or any ideas about this problem i would be grateful..

Many thanks for kind replies.... :)

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Exactly what does that have to do with J2EE features in the current EAP of IDEA?


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