Dojo Support in Webstorm

What kind of Dojo support is there in Webstorm for coding, debugging, etc.?  Do you have to turn it on (does it already exist in the WS properties) or do you need to add a plugin if it exists?

I was poking around, this is old but so has this been resolved and dojo (AMD or wahtever) is spported "well" in Webstorm yet?  If so when was that added or improved?  what version and how if it has?  If it has not, I certainly wanna push this.  I am new to the whole AMD thing but have been using dojo in WS for about 2 months now but not quite sure what "dojo support" would entail in terms of ideal inellisense and hints for it.  Would be nice to know what WS does or does not do for dojo and AMD up to version 6.0.1.

I know that I can CTRL + Mouse Click on any require() paths and it'll either take me to that class (or won't which obviously means the require path is wrong).  But what else are we missing for dojo intellisense if any?

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