Is there a way to enable custom URL loading?

I'm working on a unique project that is running on a JavaFX platform using the WebView class. This project then loads other "plug-in" like jar files containing a /public_html/index.html files for all of the UI controls. As far as this question is concerned, these plug-ins behave like normal web page with one exception. The main project (known as "core") added a custom URL handler such that lines like:

<script type="text/javascript" src="core:///js/jquery.min.js"></script>

will find the jquery.min.js file within the core's resources instead of forcing plug-in developers to find their own version. Further, this allows us to contain a look/feel .css file that plug-in developers can use without having to worry about maintaining their code if small changes take place later on.

This causes an issue with WebStorm (and other IDEs) since they can't resove these custom URL handlers. Is there any way to add some kind of URL resolution to the IDE so that I don't see quite as many "unresolved reference" comments.



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