Debug with iPlanet!

Hello guys,
Now I met some problem when trying to remotely debug with iPlanet. I add the debug parameter when starting the kjs service, it looks the debug information can get successfully. But when I step over, the kjs will be killed with error. I don't know what wrong with it? Because sometimes the step over is ok.
Now another problem is everytime I have to start kas service first, and then kill the kxs and kjs service for starting my own kjs service. Is there a better way to do that?
Or does anyone know the proper way to debug with iPlanet?
Thanks so much. __

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I'm having the same problem :(

Can anyone give me a pointer to how to correctly configure IntelliJ to remotely debug with iPlanet. I'm very green to IntelliJ, so I really need detailed instructions if possible...yep, I'm begging, but I want it all :>)



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