Elite tips

  • Install the awesome "Handlerbars/Mustache" plugin
  • Settings | Appearance: Theme: Darcula, Override fonts: Liberation Sans 13, disable "Animate windows", enable "Memory indicator"
  • Spend a few hours creating your perfect "Code Style" setting, and use that as default for all projects.
  • Exclude cache, logs, and other folder alike with "Directories"
  • Integrate "Code Coverage", "Javascript | Libraries", many PHP code quality tools and other tools like mess detectors, sniffers, composer, phpunit, etc
  • Integrate with Git of course. Create a new "Quick List" with common git commands, give it a shortcut. Features: Best: "Annotate". Hit Alt+9 for Git log (Change to "Log" tab). Integrate with JIRA's DVCS connector (Or some other software) and always mention issue # in your commit's comments. You'll gain a bidi-directional connection between your product requirements and the source-code.
  • Beware of the CR/LF line-ending cross-platform insanity. Notice your commit dialogs! see if you're changing _all_ lines in files, that means you're doing something wrong.
  • Never* use the 'Project Tree'. Learn the navigation shortcuts: Ctrl+N (classes), Ctrl+Shift+N (files), Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N (symbols, even css/sass/less and js). Map navigate to 'File' and 'Symbol' to Alt+Q, Alt+W respectively. You'll use them a lot. *Use the 'Project Tree' only to get acquianted to a new project's architecture.
  • Use "Scopes" and "File Colors". Their amazingly powerful to color your file tabs and filter many features.
  • Use the "External Tools" for all your CLI needs! stylus/sass/compass/less, doc generators, framework CLI, migrations, etc. Use them by right-clicking in 'Editor' or 'Project Tree'.
  • Install 'Tabdir' plugin. Much better than the built-in feature. Remember to DISABLE the latter at Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs | "Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames".
  • Diagrams and UMLs. Right-click small folder or Ctrl+Alt+U on classes. Vote and discuss http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/i...
  • Disable anti-aliasing on Linux at: Settings | Editor | Appearance | "Use anti-aliased font"
  • Use my awesome dark theme and font recommendations http://devnet.jetbrains.com/thr...
  • Study the Settings for a few hours. This is a piece of software you'll be spending with day and night, learn it.
  • Amazing transparency. Join the development at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/i...
  • Get updated at http://blog.jetbrains.com/

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