Hi Ron,

"Settings | File Types" -- please ensure that *.md pattern is registered to "Markdown files" entry.

The screenshot clearly indicates that your test.md is associated with "reStructuredText files" file type (Markdown will have different file icon: big letter M as on screenshots in that referenced thread).

If *.md pattern is where it should be then check patterns for "reStructuredText files" entry - maybe you will have "test.md" pattern there. If so -- remove it.

You may need to close and open that file again (or even restart whole IDE) to see tabs if it will be opened during such changes.


That was my problem. Now everything is fine!


I also wasn't seeing the preview tab after restarting following installation of the Markdown plugin. However, I had previously assigned *.md to "Text" file type. When PyCharm CE (2016.3.1) came up, it (or the plugin) noticed the file type conflict and automatically reassigned it. However, the preview tab was still not visible, and when I switched to render-only mode, the rendering was not shown.

In my case, I had to restart PyCharm a *second* time after installing the plugin in order to get the plugin to work properly.



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