How to checkout a private Repo using webstorm.


I created a privated repository in github and add some users and give all rights.So i want that how  all users can check-out and check-in  using webstorm.

please give some suggestions on this.

Mohit Sharma

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Any body can solve this...

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That's a bit of a broad question, because it involves some knowledge of how Git works. I'd suggest looking through for a very basic introduction to Git.  If you already understand Git and want to know how to use it in *Storm, I'd suggest reading:

I don't know if WebStorm has VCS integration, but if you go to Settings | Plugins, there's a couple plugins called "Git Integration" and "GitHub" that should get you on your way with the above help documentation.

Do you have any specific questions about git integration that aren't answered by those?


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