Coldfusion in PhpStorm?


I have been using PhpStorm for a while now. It's brilliant and so much faster than Eclipse. But one thing is missing for me. CFML.

Eclipse has CFeclipse. It would be fantastic if that plugin could be "persuaded" to be in PhpStorm. Yes I know it's "PHP" storm but it does so much more anyway.

Have I any hope?



If you need both PHP and Coldfusion (or other major supported language) simultaneously you have to use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate edition.


Well, plugin have clear "until-build" version displayed. Its old and won't work.
It was taken into our main codebase, is now supported by our core team and included into curent IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.



I have to somewhat object: ColdFusion is a tag-based language, thus very close to HTML itself. It would make perfect sense to have it available in WebStorm/PhpStorm.
Please reconsider your position, as it is the only language for which I can't use PhpStorm in my everyday coding life... (I tried IntelliJ Idea but it doesn't fit my needs as well as PhpStorm and I added custom tags but it clearly isn't the same as a real syntax highlighter).
Also, please make it compatible with ColdFusion 10.

Thank you,


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