Can Not Get Debugger To "Step Into" J2SE Classes/Methods

Build: 859

(1) Project Properties: Debugger: NOT Checked (Do not step into the classes.

(2) Project Properites: Main Module: Libraries: Attached Source: & an extracted set of same

Can not get the debugger to "step into" the J2SE classes. It seems like I have done this in the past. Is it a bug, am I being dumb or has this never been possible???


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Are you recompile classes in to include debug info into it???

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(a) imported copies of the needed source classes into my project
(b) compiled those classes
(c) set breakpoints

And this works.

However, I thought there was a way to "step into" source without having to recompile within the project.

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Probably you can recompile once all classes in and use it in every project(for example fix rt.jar with new compiled ones). Couple of month it was discussion on this question you can read in it how people solve this problem. I'm never try to debug J2SE Classes, but I'm sure that without debugging info it is impossible.


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