How to manage lots of open files in PHPStorm

I use PHPStorm all day every day with 30-50 open files.  The editor tab management features really need to be improved to handle this kind of situation.  If you don't force a single row of tabs, then the tabs jump all over the place when you select a new tab to be active, which makes it impossible to find the tab you want to select.  If you do use a single row of tabs, then the drop down list in the upper right doesn't have the option to be sorted alphabetically, which again makes it very hard to find the file you wish to open.

I would love to see two small features:
1) When using multiple rows of tabs, DON'T always re-order the rows of tabs so that the active tab is in the first row, but just leave the tabs in the same order.
2) An option when using a single row of tabs to alphabetically sort the drop down list of files.

Alternatively, is there a better way to manage this many open files?



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