multiple subprojects within a project

I am trying to use IDEA 3.0 for a project that has been originally set up with SilverStream workbench. The developers setup a 3 stage process where...

1. a projects containing the business objects is setup under a separate tree

2. web app (action classes etc.) is under s separate tree..

3. main app is (manifest) is under a separate tree.

in silverstream the business objects are compiled first and a .jar file is put in the lib dir. of the webapp, which is used in the classpath of the web app to compile and create a .war file, which is used in a final .ear deploy to jboss.

how would i simulate this 3 step process with IDEA? also, under the main directory tree of the project there are 5 directories (3 described above). there are 2 other directories (deleted, consideration) that is under the sourcesafe tree but does not need to be part of the project. when i create a project at the main level that includes the other directories and i want to then exclude these 2 directories from the project the only option seems to be to DELETE them. is there any way to exclude the directories w/o physically deleting them?

thanks. a little new to the process.


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