IBM iSeries Database, adding / changing rows


I am using the bundled database plugin to connect to my IBM iSeries (DB2) database.

The JDBC driver file is the jt.400.jar from the JTOPEN website.

connection string =;naming=system;libraries=QGPL;translate binary=true;errors=full;big decimal=true;extended metadata=true;transaction isolation=none;decimal data errors=ignore;date format=iso;time format=iso;

It connects fine, it lists the schemas & table correctly, I can use the console no problem & export data etc.

The only problem I see is with editing tables.

It sends the insert or update commands using column labels rather than column names

so if i have a table with a colums name of OTYKEY and a column Label of KEYFIELD it attempts to do updates like

update table set keyfield = 1  

rather than

update table set otykey = 1

I can't see an option to force the use of column names rather than labels, anyone else using iSeries ?

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Can you provide the query reported by "Query" toolbar button?

Just curious how column labels got into the way.
No problems like that with other databases.


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