Move caret to the end of expression with Enter key

Currently I use Aptana as my IDE for web development.
Since it doesn't get updated anymore, I would like to move to PhpStorm.

But there's an issue what I need to resolve before I can do that.

In Aptana Enter key takes you to the end of statement/expression.
Example. After typing array's value in between parentheses and the pressing Enter, caret will be moved after the closing round bracket (pipe symbol shows the caret's position):
Keypress Enter
And then you can finish the expression with semicolon.

In PhpStorm newline will be entered between parentheses:
Keypress Enter

Now somebody will say why you don't use End key to take caret to the end of the line.
But that's not the solution. Very often you have to edit the code in the middle of the line and moving caret back to where it should be is very time consuming.
And "take caret to the end of the line" doesn't work also when expression, function has multiple arguments.
In Aptana after typing first argument and pressing Enter, it doesn't move caret after the closing round parentheses, but let's you type the next argument. And so on till the last argument. It's context aware.

Honestly I'm baffled that there's no solution for that or no one hasn't asked about this.
I searched plugins repo, but couldn't find one what would offer solution for this.
And writing Live Templates for every function would be an overkill.

Am I alone with this kind of problem or someone would know solution for this?

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Hi there, I guess.

On related note: you can use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to complete your statement (e.g. add missing closing brackets and ";" symbol)

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Yes, exactly the same problem like in that issue. Aptana IDE is built on Eclipse and moving caret to the end of the expression with Tab or Enter keypress is also used in Aptana.

But that referred issue is not fixed and issue was posted already 19 months ago. What's up with that? Is that common behaviour by JetBrains?

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But that referred issue is not fixed and issue was posted already 19 months ago. What's up with that?

Do you really expect every issue (be it a bug, new feature or whatever) to be fixed within few days?

Is that common behaviour by JetBrains?

Do you have any experience dealing with issues in another BIG company to say something like that? Do you really believe that Zend/Aptana/Eclipse/Netbeans/your-other-favourite-company/IDE does ANY better?

ANY company/project resolves some tickets fast .. and some may stay unresolved for a long time -- it's applicable to *anyone*.

Do you know how many open feature request tickets are there waiting to be implemented here; when almost everyone thinks that their request is the most important/most useful feature that "prevents thousands from using this product" or in some cases even "making this product COMPLETELY unusable/useless because it lacks xx-feature" (yeah -- I've seen such comments MANY times). It's hard to implement all of them when you have limited resources (developers) -- feature may be described in few lines in one ticket .. but it may take a month and more to just implement it properly...

Every feature has it's value -- for somebody it is crucial to have it while some people can easily live without it (because they do not know about it or can accept a trade off (because they are fine with an alternative/workaround.. or they are happy with other features in the product). So far I see around 30 votes for that ticket -- not so much compared to 150+ votes for other scheduled-for-next-version tickets.

I do agreee that BUGS shold be fixed fast (as in this case something works wrong or even preventing feature from working at all) .. but New Features are a bit different kind of beast... which I do not expect to be implemented immediately at all.


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