Way to exclude folder but still browse in Project view?

We have a build folder that we don't want the JavaScript indexed but still want to be able to view in the Project view. How can I do this? It contains both testing and production compiled JavaScript and we don't want it indexed because classes show up in 3 places.


Hi there,

You can right click on each of such files and choose "Mark as plain text".

If such file names do have some common but unique pattern (just for example: final.*.js), you can add such pattern(s) to the "Settings | File Types | Text files" (this will affect ALL projects).


Awesome! Is there a way to later see all JavaScript files that were marked as plain text?


Well ... never had such need myself. But here are few ideas:

  1. Define custom scope (Settings | Scopes), switch to it in Project View .. and expand all folders -- you should recognize them by file icons
  2. Kind of the same as #1 (recognize by icon) but via "Navigate | File"  (enter some pattern that would include *.js files only (e.g. *.js) and make a search from it) or just via "Find in the Path" (search for *.js files only while having no search text entered)
  3. All such files (list of them) is stored in one of the config files: on Windows 7 it is C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde60\config\options\plainTextFiles.xml (single file for ALL projects)

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