Text selection change in 6.0.1 - how to revert back to old way?

There's been a change in how Webstorm selects text in the editor in 6.0.1.  Before, with your code open in a window, you could click in the margin and drag to start highlighting text from that point.

Now, text selection seems to be tied to where the cursor it.  If you click in the margin, all text between the current location of the cursor and where you clicked is highlighted.  (see attached screenshot)

I searched everywhere and can't find a way to turn off this new behavior.  I now have to spend time managing where the cursor is in any given file before selecting text.

Does anyone know how to revert back to the easy way of selecting text?



Not exactly what're you looking for as I've noticed the same thing with selecting in the margin but if I need to select and entire line I just triple-click on it anyway (anywhere in the line).  Might solve your problem.


First enable line numbers and then start dragging from line numbers and not from margin.


Thanks for the suggestion Erling.  As you mention though, this is a potential workaround and not the actual solution.  The solution would be some way to get the behaviror back to normal.


Karlheinz, this is a good answer.  The behavior when line numbers are enabled is acceptible, I'm going to go with this.  However, it would still be nice to be able to turn off line numbers and have the behavior back to normal.


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