Backup to folder on Ctrl+s

I want to backup my php/js/html files to a folder on the dropbox folder, whenever I press a key combination (or a set of key combinations) , in phpstorm
Can I set this up without too much pain? If so please guide me.


I tried to set up things using git, but it seems too .. too alien and seems like the wrong tool for the job . Am I wrong ?
I see that phpstorm supports lots of VCS; is there a VCS that I can use for this purpose that is more straightforward than git.
All I want to do is backup , because my hdd maybe failing and I need to work from tomorrow! instant backup to dropbox would be fantastic!


Hi there,

You can create Deployment entry (Settings | Deployment) of "Local or Mouted folder" type, mark it as Default for this project and configure it to automatically upload/copy on save (Settings | Deployment | Options).

You may also setup custom File Watcher (via File Watcher plugin) and make some custom batch/shell script that will invoke synchronization on file save (e.g. rsync, robocopy or any other sync capable program).

There are also plenty of programs (Windows OS) capable making backups of specific folders/files on specific time interval (both paid and free). Even Windows scheduler + standard xcopy can do such job.


Deployment seems ideal. But I can't seem to find it in my project settings. Screenshot:


  1. Settings | Plugins
  2. Make sure that "Remote Hosts Access" plugin is enabled.

Thanks that did it!

btw to whoever may it concern, thanks for making phpstorm. Its awesome! 10x worth the money.


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