ejb support on OSX

When enabling EJB support on IDEA 3.0.1 on OSX (10.2.4) I reveive an
exception: java.rmi.RemoteException not found.

Anybody else having this problem?



I assume it's because IDEA might look for rt.jar, which is Linux/Windows JRE packaging and not OSX.

Any comment from Intellij?


Problem still exists in EAP 807 !!!


Make sure you have the right classes in your project path; do you have a JDK associated with the project? What about the j2ee libs? I use the ones from jboss, and I've been working with EJBs fine under jaguar.

I'm still using 3.0.3 as I keep getting all sorts of wierd (CVS related?) problems with the 800 series builds [which I need to investigate and file


Take a look at the screenshot of my preferences. I already added the J2EE.jar from JBoss as well, which doesn't make a difference. The problem seems to be that the class java.rmi.RemoteException, which is part of the JSE and not of the J2EE package is just not found by IDEA. IDEA advises to check if rt.jar is in the classpath. as far as I know there is no rt.jar package in the Apple JSE 1.4.1.

This exception is not making any sense to me. What are your preferences in IDEA?


Picture 1.pdf

make sure your JVM settings in IDEA has /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.4.1/Classes/classes.jar included in its classpath


Yes, that's it. Thank you. IDEA already added "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.4.1/Classes/" but did not specifiy the actual package.


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