"Cookbook" instructions for integrating PHPStorm 6.0.2 with Bitbucket?

I'm really enjoying use of PHPStorm to develop applications, but for now everything has been developed on a Windows host that does SFTP to an Ubuntu system on AWS. That works OK, but no version control, etc.

I know that there is Github integration, but Github doesn't offer private repositories unless you pay. For my purposes, I need a private repository, and so I've established an account at Bitbucket and pushed to it from the command line from the linux host at AWS. That initial push worked fine, and I can see the files at Bitbucket.

I then installed the Bitbucket plugin on 6.0.2 and configured my account information. That works when I click "test".

I watched the movie at http://tv.jetbrains.net/videocontent/github-integration-features-in-jetbrains-ides

When I try to Import into Version control, I use the same name as the local project - "JSON". I get an error saying that the repository already exists. If I delete the repository at bitbucket and try the Import again, and set "private" and "git", nothing seems to happen. The repository is not created at Bitbucket.

Am I supposed to install git for windows on my local machine, or does PHPStorm already have a built-in? If yes, then which option should I use? The one that changes the PATH or the one that doesn't?


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