Performance tuning for PHPStorm 6.0.2?

Somehow I got a few performance issues since the 6.0 version.

I'm on Ubuntu with 4GB RAM and a Core2Duo@2,33GHz

I'm working on a network share with automount, this seems to be a problem for PHPStorm.

If the share gets unmounted after I didn't do anything in the IDE for a few minutes, PHP starts to reindex all files after the automount remounts the needed directory.

The share gets mounted, when used and unmounted when not used automatically and I have to open a terminal and going to the shared directory to keep the share open all the time.
The terminal gets this done, PHPStorm not :\

Sometimes the CPU load goes to 100% for a while and there is no indexing going on, I have to kill the process and restart PHPStorm to get it to work again.

Also the typing is slow. Most of the time I type a few characters and have to wait that they show up, which is really anoying.

Are there any tuning mechanisms for those kind of problems?
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Hi there,

Working directly over network is not officially supported (means: if it works -- then good; if it does not -- sorry then). Yes -- this can cause different kind of "bad"/unexpected behaviour on IDE side as it relies on instant access to source files (that's the architecture used).

The recommended way is to work with a local copy of the project and then setup autosync to automatically deploy (copy) local files to remote (network) location. All of this can be configured at "Settings | Deployment".

Common solutions for PhpStorm/WebStorm performance problems:


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