How to do I get Webstorm to understand console file links?

I'm wondering if Webstorm understands any kind of syntax in order to paint file paths in console strings as links (i.e. to open the files). For example, I would typically log a stack trace to the console (via the 'console.log' command) that looks like this:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'labels' of undefined

    at Function.visitNodeLabels (C:/Users/alexi/testproj/graphutils/VisitorUtil.js:84)

    at Function.showNode (C:/Users/alexi/testproj/graphutils/InvisibilityUtil.js:72)

    at InvisibilityUtilTests.testShowNode (C:/Users/alexi/testproj/tests/InvisibilityUtilTests.js:94)

The entries C:/Users... are never treated as links to their corresponding files, is there any way to make the console recognize these as links with some other syntax?
I noticed that there was an issue (here: around Webstorm recognizing 'tracer' logs. Could I use tracer to solve this problem?

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