Problems handling merge conflicts


when I fetch the remote tracking branch and merge that remote branch into my local branch with phpstorm and it comes to a merge conflict I don't know how to handle that in PhpStorm.

When this happens I end in a "new/temp" branch in PhpStorm which is named like "merge conflict <my local branch>" (PhpSotrm shows me that at bottom right).
PhpStorm shows me then the file in red which has conflicts and I can right click > git >Resolve conflict... (click using theirs for example)

The conflict is then solved and the file isn't red anymore.

But what next?! I have to commit it, yes.... but when I do this in PhpStorm > right click > commit changes > click commit PhpStorm shows me an other

09:41:56.983: git commit --only -F /tmp/git-commit-msg-3290973159105272459.txt -- editcalendar.php helpers/showmonth_helper.php config.default.php languages/english.tcpro.php languages/deutsch.tcpro.php fatal: Kann keine partielle Eintragung durchführen, während eine Zusammenführung im Gange ist.

So what I have to do in this case in PhpStorm!?

When I do a "git status" in a linux console when that happens I get

$ git status # Auf Zweig mannschaftskasse # Alle Konflikte sind behoben, aber du bist immer noch beim Zusammenführen. #   (benutze "git commit" um die Zusammenführung abzuschließen) # # zum Eintragen bereitgestellte Änderungen: # #       geändert:   config.default.php #       geändert:   editcalendar.php #       geändert:   helpers/showmonth_helper.php #       geändert:   languages/deutsch.tcpro.php #       geändert:   languages/english.tcpro.php

So git status show me the conflicts are fixed and I have to commit it. See above, I try to commit it in PhpStorm but that doesn't work :(

When I do the commit in the linux console with "git commit" everything is ok and the conflict is gone (and PhpStorm also changes and I'm back in my local branch -from that temp "merge conflict <my local branch>").

So how can I do all in PhpStorm instead of doing that commit in the console?




Could you please translate the fatal error message that you get when you try to commit to English?


cannot do a partial commit during a merge.

Looks like : internally we heavily rely on the output produced by Git commands, but the IDE understands English messages only.


So I'm starting phpStorm here now with the command


you mean I should start it with

"LC_ALL=en_US /home/heart/Programme/PhpStorm/bin/"?


I guess, this can help.
Another option is to change the language of Git binary used by PhpStorm to English.


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