Adding Issues in a bugtracking system


I'm missing a function to add an development issue (note) directly from the phpstorm IDE into a connected bugtracking system (f.e. by an Plugin), like we have done in the old days with netbeans and bugzilla.
We tried MantisBT, Bugzilla and Youtrack under Task&Contexts, but we are not able to add an new task, just getting a list of already existing tasks (created in the GUI of the Bugtracker). Do we consider this functionality? Specifically for the youtrack we would have expected.
During code reviews, refactoring, rapid prototyping it is very uncomfortable to change for every small issue/notice to the Gui of the Bugtracking system. We are flexible in terms of the bugtracker system!
I whish phpstorm would provide a similar function like the old Netbeans Plugin for Bugzilla do.



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