How to sync files from ftp on multiple computers automatically?

I would like to know how (or if it's possible) to keep the files on the ftp server for my project synced at all times. For instance, if I open PHPStorm, I would like it to check the server, find out if any files have been changed, and if they have, get the updated files automatically so that I don't have to manually download them when I know I've changed something on my other computer.

Thanks in advance!
- Dan

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Hi there,

There is no such functionality currently available in PhpStorm.

I guess this is the right ticket to watch for:

Currently you can do this manually: right click on desired (e.g. root) folder(s) and choose "Deployment | Sync with Deployed..." -- it will scan for differences between local and remote copy and offer to sync file the way you want (upload or download or delete or whatever).


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