[OT] Anyone need a Java programmer?

I apologize for littering the community newsgroup with an offtopic post like
this, but, the truth is, there are clearly a lot of talented people who read
these groups with whom I would like to have the pleasure of working, so,
here I am...

I've recently become another layoff statistic. I work for Sprint PCS out of
their Nashville TN office (telecommuting from Atlanta) and they've decided
to close us down (as part of the elimination of 1600 jobs). So, I'm on the
hunt for something new.

If you know of an opportunity for which I might be a good match, I sure
would appreciate if you could email me at chris@chrisbartley.com. My resume
is online at http://www.chrisbartley.com/.

Many thanks! (and sorry for the spam)



P.S. Hey, until I find something new, at least I'll have some free time to
continue working on the Plugin Manager, Workspaces, and Toolbar Manager
plugins! :-\

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