Keep the File Structure window modal

Every time I click anywhere outside the File Structure window or click to another app, the window closes. Is there a way to keep it open?


Hi there,

What Structure window in particular (since there are 2)?

I guess it's about "Navigate | File Structure (Ctrl+F12)". If so then "No, you cannot" -- it's a pop up window and meant to work this way.

Another one -- "View | Tool Windows | Structure (Alt+7)" -- can stay open all the time (same as any other tool window).


That popup is too sensitive to a mouse click. In an app like Visual Studio or a browser, a popup doesn't go away when I switch to another app. I think this is a common Windows behavior that WebStorm is not following.

Anyway, your second option will do. Thanks.


Well .. there is one option that may help, although unlikely (have never used it myself as I do prefer current behaviour a lot)

Settings | Appearance | Hide navigation popups on focus loss


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