Can I run multiple web apps (multiple contexts) at once?

I have two web apps:
1. serves static content (gif, css, javascript, etc) from Tomcat's "tomcat/webapps/ROOT/" directory. This is mapped to the root (/) context e.g. http://localhost/
2. dynamic content is served from another webapp "tomcat/webapps/myapp" which is mapped to the context "mgr" e.g. http://localhost/mgr

IDEA's Run/Debug -> WebApp -> 'Application context path' is set to "/mgr". I can debug my dynamic content servlet which is great!

However, no static content is being served from from the root context. I presume the root context is not even running since it's not specified in the "WebApp" dialog.

Is there a way to configure IDEA so that I can run/debug two contexts at once?


PS My workaround is to run Tomcat outside of IDEA and do remote debugging. But I'd much prefer to run Tomcat inside IDEA because it's easier (one button!) and faster (I think).

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