WebStorm 6.0.1 can not start after Windows 7 update

After intsalling some Windows 7 updates WebStorm 6.0 can not start and closes without any error message. Any ideas?

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Hi Thomas,

No real ideas.

But lets try making it work again:

  1. Download FULL latest version in case you've installed it via built-in update
  2. "C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde60" (or maybe ".WebStorm60" -- not 100% sure) -- backup and delete (or just rename) that folder
  3. Completely uninstall current WebStorm
  4. Install full version again
  5. Run it -- see if it will start:
    • it does -- you may restore your original settings from backup ("config" subfolder mainly; "system" can be regenerated from scratch by IDE)
    • it does not:
      • try disabling any antivirus or any other system-level software that you are currently running (firewall; backup -- this kind of things) -- maybe it somehow prevents IDE from starting (although very unlikley)
      • try uninstalling your recent windows updates (Control Panel | Programs and Features | View installed updates)
      • check if there will be anything in the log file: "C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde60\system\log\idea.log"

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