How to get PHPUnit/Symfony with PhpStorm working on a Windows/Linux setup?

Hello together!

I'm trying to run PHPUnit on a remote Linux Webserver out of a PhpStorm Windows Installation... but I'm have some troubles to get it working.
Let's asume the following (Symfony2) setup

Linux with Apache with PHPUnit (3.7.18)
     -> app/
          -> phpunit.xml
          -> bootstrap.php.cache
     -> src/
          -> ...TestSuites
     -> web/
          -> Apache DocumentRoot (http://myproject/)

-> Mounted /var/www/myproject/ via Samba to x:\
-> PhpStorm 6: The deployment is set to "In place" and the Webserver root URL is set to http://myproject/.

The first problem I'm running into is that it's not possible to create a mapping from /app to a webserver url as /app is above the DocumentRoot.
Moving the phpunit.xml to /web solves this... but in my opinion this should be done in another way.

After moving phpunit.xml and configuring a Run/Debug Config "PHPUnit on Server" the next problem appears.
The launcher PHP Script created by PHPStorm is using the Windows path. The only solution I found was this:
But this seems a way to hacky for me... and even if your apply this code the tests won't executed properly.

Maybe someone else is running a similar setup and could help me...

Best regars,

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