Deploy as PHAR

Hi, I found info about support for phar but seems it's only readonly - code completition, etc.
Is there a way in phpStorm how to simply export/upload/deploy project as .phar file?


Hi Thomas,

AFAIK -- No.

PhpStorm ony supports reading of PHAR files -- it has nothing to build them for you -- you have to do it yourself (e.g. using Phing build tool, which has separate task just for that; command line or whatever other way you want). After you have build PHAR file, you can deploy it using built-in deployment functionality (if you were using Phing to make PHAR in first place, then you may want to use their FTP support task to do such deployment in one go).


ok, thank you - I can probably script it as custom compiler/task with phing.


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