JavaScript Debug In Chrome - Breakpoints Not Working

Debugging is connected. I've had this working fine in the past, but I don't use it very often. What could I be missing?


Ok, just saw this.


How would that have gotten unset (since it was working before)? How do I set this for all scripts?


Ok, and to be even more confused. Should I be using Local or Remote debugging? I had it on Local, then realized that my other configs are Remote. Changed it to Remote. That remote url error is gone, but breakpoints still do not work.


Only 1 thought: mappings?

(It's just a though, since I've not done any more-or-less big JS debugging for nearly 1 year and do not remember all the details.)


Capture.JPGOk, I was able to make it work on simple page, but I can't make it work on complex pages where that use external script files.


Added mapping for the script, but it still does not work.

I'm also getting an exception, not sure that is related:

Assertion failed: com.intellij.ide.browsers.LocalFileUrl@d434803


Sorry, no clues. I gave the only real idea I had -- everything else should work accordingly to that article.


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