Spaces In Directoy Names Breaking Debug? %2520 instead of %20

I just started learning Ext JS 4.2, and have been using WebStorm as my main IDE to do so. I recently created a new subdirectory with a new HTML and JS file. When I attempt to debug it I got a "This webpage is not found" error from chrome and the URL was:


Then I attempted to right click and use "Open in browser" it worked fine and the URL was:


Turns out somehow the path to the file was auto entered into the Run/Debug config as:


Now I never put that in myself, so somehow WebStorm changed the spaces to %20, then when passing the URL to the browser changed the % to a %25

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, and maybe get this bug investigated/fixed. The immediate fix is just to go and change the %20 back to normal spaces in the Run/Debug config.

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I narrowed this down a bit. It apparently happens when you right click and choose to Debug the file (from either the project pane or editor pane). It will even overwrite an existing good Run/Debug config. ALT-SHIFT-F9 and using the Bug Icon when a good config is place seem to work okay though.


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