Vim mappings and Tools -> Run command - howto?

Does anyone know how to hit enter on the Tools -> Run command panel when you have the vim keyboard mappings enabled?



It is a known bug VIM-91, please vote for it in the issue tracker in order to get notifications on the progress.


Thanks I wil do,

Q: if it's aknown bug any idea why:

a) is it not documented when one installs the plugin (it is after all a major problem)
b) fixed



It is documented in the issue tracker. It is not a major problem because only two people have voted for it at this moment. It seems that it bothers not so many people. There are other more popular issues, that are fixed more quickly, see the changelog. IdeaVim was a third-party plug-in started a long time ago. Now it is supported by JetBrains, but it is still open-source, you can contribute to the project by fixing issues really important to you.


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