How to make a .js file (library?) editable?

I'm using Webstorm
Great that some files are protected from accidental change, BUT if I want to change them I have to be able to do that!!!
And since I'm writeing to this forum I have to be already very frustrating NOT finding the solution neighter by looking on the IDE, there is a lock which is unlocked; neighter by going thru the various menues, neighter by searching the help, where many possible icons are not documented...
And so on...

So where is the damn entry to unlock this file to be editable, I suspect that it has to do something with libraries....


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Hi Ognian,

this can indeed be related to libraries. Library files protection was implemented by design to prevent you from making  accidental modifications. There is no way to 'unlock' them. Recommended workflow is to open library files as  a separate project, or include them not as "library" but as a separate content root

Best regards,


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