highlight css selector

Does phpstorm support for css
1) higlight  in the browser the area related to the selection of the mouse in a compound selector ( 1 item , all items)
2) give us an easy way to know if by example the selector1 in file1.css is also define in another css file
3) give us an esay way to go straigth inside the bracket of selector 1 ( in file2.css)

In a way this is a mix of MRI and webputty


Thank' s for any informations

NB structure of css file
all those cs file is apply to a nactive HTML page open in the browser
compound selector =>selector1, selector2, selector3
file1.css =>selector1, selector2, selector3 {}
file2.css =>selector1 {}

I think this is already support since it a must have for css editor .

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