css tool in phpstorm

Firefox and Chrome have many tool and more and more tools are online but nothing embedding in one tool ...tool many tools are not suitabe so ...does it make sense that phpstom implement also his own tool ? ( if not already implemented ) .... So  Is there some tool in phpstrom for css that
1 create sitemap for one or many file ( web site ) ( need for item 2)
2 show ( highlight with color scheme grey ) unused selector  ( sometime selector exist but no selected item using "Xpath" ( sizzle, css browser engine , for  one page or many page website( base on sitemap)
3 higlight bounding box in the browser  ( area and border ) of each item of a selector when mouse cursor are inside a selector
this is implemented in the tool WebPutty (nothing relating to putty software connection) it is a web css editor .( shure some same selector could exist in the same site with other attributes names in another css files  )

thank's for any informations



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